Friday, June 28, 2019

The Regulars

Fiction by Georgia Clark.

Evie, her best friend Willow, and her roommate Krista are single girls in the city, always on the lookout for good prospects in work and love. All three are not really succeeding in this: Evie has an job at a magazine that she hates but is afraid to lose, and manages to quickly wreck things with a great dating prospect in chapter one. Willow is tentatively trying to break into the art world, and has a quite nice boyfriend she seems to keep at arm's length. And Krista is the most self-sabotaging of the three; she's an aspiring actress who can't seem to make it to auditions on time and runs through unsuitable boyfriends at top speed.

All three young women think they have found the answer to their problems when they are given--wait for it!-- a magic potion called "pretty." Will it actually make them prettier? More successful? Happier? Read and find out!

This was a fun story with--ummm-- a little more graphic sex (some of it non-heterosexual) than I usually prefer. But still, it's an interesting read.

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