Monday, April 21, 2014

Life After Life

Fiction by Kate Atkinson.

Life After Life

This book had a cool premise: Ursula Todd, the protagonist, was born in Britain in 1910, and she died at birth. Except that she didn't.

Ursula got another chance. And another. And another. And another.

She kept getting born all over again and the same events would appear in her early life, except for the fact that some tiny change would happen and everything would be altered.

She was not exactly being reincarnated, because she was still herself each time. And she did not have the memories of the other life, save some premonition-like flashes that would keep her from going out to far into the ocean this time, or falling off the roof, et cetera. And each life would come out differently, just because of the seemingly minor changes in the events of her childhood.

(This is the difference between this novel and Replay which dealt with the same idea. In that book, the protagonist would go back to an earlier point in his life, but he would retain all the memories he'd had before. And in that book he was fated to die --and return to life-- on the same day no matter what changes he'd made in the interim.)

This concept interests me immensely, and I enjoyed this book. The only problem I had was with the ending.

Which I cannot, of course, give away.

Although I am dying to discuss it. So please read this book and message me, so we can talk about the ending!

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