Sunday, August 23, 2015


Fiction by Dee Henderson.


This book was okay, but not as thrilling a a thriller really should be. The premise of a girl abducted as a teenager finally coming home eleven years later was a good one, but the author kept everything so sanitized and muted that it robbed the story of much of its drama.

It seems like the author was hampered somewhat by having to stay strictly in the bounds of "Christian" fiction, so she had to skip all the gory details of the kidnapping and gloss over the trauma the main character experienced. The girl simply tells us that "God sustained me through it all," and we're supposed to buy that's she's all better now after surviving eleven years of captivity. That's nice, and it's not that I don't believe God can sustain you; still, I know that in the real world there are major emotional consequences that must happen from a traumatic event like that.

Bottom line though, the plot just didn't move fast enough, and not enough happened for it to work as a thriller novel.

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