Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bone Season

Fiction by Samantha Shannon.

The Bone Season: A Novel

This book had a big buildup in its advertisement. From b&n.com:

The first pick of NBC’s Today Book Club 
Featured in New YorkUSA Today, and Forbes, and on CNN.com. 
It appeared on every summer reading list for 2013, from Entertainment Weekly to USA Today. Now, the debut that thrilled readers everywhere is available in paperback.

It's a sci-fi story that imagines a dystopian future in which many people have developed clairvoyance. The world is ruled by dictators who want to suppress them, and citizens are divided into "normals" and "unnaturals."

Sounds cool,  right?

That's obviously what the publishing and marketing team thought. There is already a movie in the works and  the author promises a seven-novel series. 

Unfortunately, I didn't like it. Sorry.

This is just my opinion, but the plot was confusing and the characters flat. The story just didn't grab me.

Maybe the movie will be better.

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