Friday, May 29, 2015

The Westmacott/Christie Reader

Subtitled: Six Novels by Agatha Christie writing under the name Mary Westmacott.
Fiction by Agatha Christie.

Cover of: The Westmacott-Christie reader by Agatha Christie
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This is actually six separate books published together in one volume. I liked them all, and some of them I LOVED! (See ranking below.)

Agatha Christie wrote these under a pseudonym for a reason: they are in a completely different style than the detective mysteries she is best known for. Not only is no one murdered in any of these novels; the plots move more slowly and the characters are much more in depth. I think they are better-written, however.

Here is my ranking of the six novels, with #1 being the favorite:

1. Giant's Bread
2. A Daughter's a Daughter
3. The Burden
4. The Rose and the Yew Tree
5. Absent in the Spring
6. Unfinished Portrait

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