Monday, October 12, 2015

Memory Man

Fiction by David Baldacci.

Memory Man (Amos Decker Series #1)

This was a fun-to-read thriller. I like David Baldacci a lot, but have sometimes avoided his books because I don't like serial detective stories that much. I tend to get tired of the detective character, especially if I haven't read the books in order, which probably shouldn't matter in a detective story but it does to me.

The problem I have with serial mysteries is, the author has usually done most of the character development of the detective in book number one, and then the character can turn flat in later books. If you haven't read book number one, then you're annoyed by the lack of development in the detective character. If you have read book number one, you're annoyed by the recapping of the detective's backstory. It's a difficult line for the author to walk. Truthfully, though, Baldacci is probably one of the best at this. He usually manages not to annoy me, even if I've just accidentally picked up book number seventeen.

Still, I hesitate to choose a novel I know is a serial mystery for this reason. So when I saw this book and checked it carefully to discover NO NUMBERS on the cover, I snapped it up. I was not disappointed.

Apparently this the beginning of a new series, though. Book number ONE. Since I've read the first one, maybe I will read the next...

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