Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sky Raiders (Five Kingdoms #1)

Youth Fiction by Brandon Mull.

Sky Raiders (Five Kingdoms Series #1)

I've been reading this book to the twins, who are about to turn nine.

It was unexpectedly scary at the beginning, since I picked it up at the thrift store and didn't know what it was about. It started out as a regular sixth-grade kid going to school with his regular sixth-grade friends, and then WHOA! BAD THINGS started happening. The twins were shocked. (So was I.)

And for those of you who think I should have known what was coming from the scary-looking cover --what IS that crazy black crab thing?!-- remember, I got it from the thrift store. It had a much calmer cover, I promise.

Anyways, it's pretty good so far. I might keep reading the series even if the twins lose interest.

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