Thursday, April 13, 2017

Two by Two

Fiction by Nicholas Sparks.

Two by Two

Okay. I really like Nicholas Sparks as a writer, and I usually enjoy his books. However, I had some trouble with this one at the beginning. Here's my summary of the first half of the book:

Once upon a time there was a guy. He was completely awesome. Mind you, he wasn't perfect, but his flaws were so minor as to be almost imperceptible to the naked eye. Certainly, he was ALMOST perfect. But this awesome guy had a problem: he was married to a terrible terrible woman. But, because he was so VERY awesome, he tried very hard to love and understand this terrible terrible woman. He even tried to make excuses for this woman, so that others wouldn't see how very terrible she truly was, but it was obvious to the reader that she was a complete B. Clearly the only solution here would be to divorce this witch, but our awesome hero would never do such a thing. What is an awesome guy to do?

Clearly, I had some trouble swallowing this premise. (And yes, I admit that if had been about a saintly long-suffering WIFE married to a complete jerk I'd have had no problems. Sorry. Call me sexist.) The whole setup seemed very contrived. Why was the author trying so hard to make us see the blamelessness of his protagonist? So I looked up Nicholas Sparks, and found that he just recently divorced his OWN wife of over 25 years. AHA!! I said. NOW we understand the statement he is making.

Be that as it may, once I got past the first half of the book and the B was finally out the door, the novel got way better. So it was okay, I guess?

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