Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Ship Who Sang

Fiction by Anne McCaffrey.

The Ship Who Sang (Brain and Brawn Ships Series #1)

I have read several of Anne McCaffery's books; apparently I read them prior to 2011 since they are not listed in this blog. She is most known for the "Dragonriders" series, which I liked, but I think the ones of hers I enjoyed most were "Catteni Freedom" series. (Freedom's Landing is the first of those.) I may have to revisit them.

The Ship Who Sang, which I had not read before, was pretty good, but it read more like a set of short stories along one theme than a cohesive novel. Looking at the publishing date, I see that this is some of her earliest writings, and the parts were indeed released separately somehow, so that probably accounts for the disconnectedness. So this book had a cool idea, but it didn't form itself into a cool novel somehow.

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