Friday, May 18, 2018

Edge of Eternity

Fiction by Ken Follett.

Edge of Eternity: Book Three of the Century Trilogy

This is the final book in the Century Trilogy, which began with Fall of Giants and continued with Winter of the World . This story begins in 1961 and continues until the end of the twentieth century. . The main focus is the Cold War, so the narrative pretty much ends in 1989.

It was a well-written, character-driven story, as I expected, and I was particularly interested to read about "historical" events that actually happened within my lifetime, since I was born around 1970. Reading this definitely helped me understand things that were going on as I was growing up, although I will note that the author's political leanings definitely colored his view of the events. I suppose all of history is like that; it depends on who is telling the story. As always, Ken Follett does a wonderful job of showing all the characters in the story as multi-dimensional and fully human, despite their nationality or political leanings. Except Nixon. Apparent Richard Nixon is right up there with Adolph Hilter as pure evil in this author's view. But I'll forgive him that; it's still a great book and a great ending to the Century Trilogy.

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