Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Fiction by Harlan Coben.

Home (Myron Bolitar Series #11)


Now THIS was a great thriller.

Premise: Two six-year-old boys are kidnapped. Then one of the boys is suddenly found alive after ten years. Where is the other boy? And is the rescued boy really the missing boy he appears to be; can one really tell after ten years?

I had no idea how they were going to resolve this thing. The ending was a true surprise.

And then, after reading this whole book, I discover it is actually number ELEVEN in a series?! Whoa.

I have mentioned previously how I don't like jumping into a series late in the game, because you get a feeling throughout the story that you are missing something. I never got that feeling in this book. That's some masterful writing right there.

Well played, Mr. Coben.

I also read recently by this author: The Stranger.

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