Thursday, November 10, 2016

Juliet Naked

Fiction by Nick Hornby.

Juliet, Naked

The title of this book is a real attention-grabber, as I'm sure the author intended. And may I suggest that you do NOT Google it, because I got some very disturbing results along with the actual book when I did. Just follow my link above to b&n if you want more information.

First of all, the book is not about anyone literally naked.

Sorry, But it's not.

Specifically, the title refers to a record album in an "unplugged" version, with a song called "Juliet" that is stripped, if you will, of all its musical trappings and released as just guitar and vocals.

But the book is about a girl called Annie and her relationships, and she is an interesting character to read about.

Image result for juliet naked by nick hornbyI've read several of Nick Hornby's books and I really love the engaging characters and their unique voices, but he often has a little problem with plot resolution and tends to dispense singularly unsatisfying endings. So this book, like some others of his, is good but not as good as it really should be.

Also, I don't like that yellow cover either, The version I read had the black cover you see here, which is better, I think.

(Additional image from

I also read by this author recently: Funny Girl, How to be Good

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