Friday, December 9, 2011

The Betrayal

This is the second novel in the "Precinct 11 Series" by Jerry B. Jenkins.

 The Betrayal (Precinct 11 Series #2)
The first book in the series was called "The Brotherhood."

I don't know if he's planning a third book. It wasn't obvious at the end that there was a setup, which is good. I really hate it when they leave the book on a cliffhanger and then make you wait to find out what happens when the next book is released in a year, after which time you've forgotten the details of the previous book.

Yeah. I'm talking to you, J.K. Rowling. And you, Suzanne Collins. Although your books are awesome enough that I guess you're forgiven....

But I digress.

This was a pretty good book. Not spectacular, but Jenkins is a solid writer who can keep your attention.

Although he only had co-writer credit, I'm pretty sure he did almost all the work in the "Left Behind" series. Which was another one with the cliffhanger sequels that bug me.

But I digress...

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