Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Skink No Surrender

Fiction by Carl Hiaasen
Skink--No Surrender


This was a cute story by the author of Hoot, which is a kids' novel but quite good. Skink no Surrender is a teen novel, but still very readable for adults.

It is about a teenage boy whose cousin goes missing, and the weird way he decides to save her. Interesting characters and crazy situations make this into sort of a "caper" novel, which is a style I like. (Defined by the dictionary as a " frivolous escapade or prank," a caper is a lighthearted, fun story in which the main character is drawn into a crazy mess, possibly including a journey, and has to find his/her way out, usually with the help of strange people.)

Carl Hiaasen is an environmentalist, so all his stories have some crunchy, conservation, save-the-world-ish elements, but in this book that did not distract from the story.  (This was not the case with Flush, which in my opinion got so bogged-down in environmental detail that it lost all lightheartedness.)

This is a short, fun read.

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